My Work & Projects

View my production and writing work in games, interactive VR/AR, & animated shorts.

Kids Education Animated

(Producer, Writer) Kids Education Animated is a new media brand creating educational shorts on Youtube teaching children ages 6-12 core reading and comprehension skills through ...
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Augmented Reality Book: Tristan’s Story

(Author, Editor) Tristan's Story is a children's AR storybook about a young girl following her dreams of becoming a dancer by performing a talent show ...
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Virtual Reality Projects

View a collection of my how-to-style virtual reality tutorial videos, live workshops, product reviews, games, and quick articles sharing my VR development tips and tricks ...
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Mobile Game: Merge Surge

(Producer) Merge Surge is a mobile tower defense game. Merge chips to augment your robots and fight against the virus taking over Neo Robo City! ...
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Wendell’s Extreme Feeding Contest

(Producer, Writer) Wendell's Extreme Feeding Contest is an arcade game about an old vampire fighting for the title of fastest blood drinker in the universe ...
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Bombastic Battle Arena

(Creator/Developer) Bombastic Battle Arena is an arcade-style HTML5 game. Purchase a sword, fall behind on your mortgage, and save the Earth! Completing the game unlocks ...
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